Self-Sovereign BTCRetailX Complete PC Office/Android Sales Bundle


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This is a dual system Bundle (one Office Bundle and one Sales Bundle (android machine all-in-one point of sale with cash drawer, barcode scanner and built-in receipt printer).  The office bundle runs BTCRetailX on a local standalone miniPC (3.7ghz, 16gb, 2tb harddrive attached to a  21″ LCD monitor, with keyboard and mouse) that runs Bitcoin Core, Lightning LND, BTCPayServer, LNBits and BTCRetailX Standalone (not cloud-hosted).
The Sales Bundle is a Android dual screen (11.6″ for cashier, 4″ for customer viewing of sales and QR code payments) machine with integrated printer, bluetooth barcode scanner, and electronic cash drawer).  There is no register limit or licenses required for a local install of BTCRetailX.  Just add additional Sales Bundles for the number of registers you need.  Each additional Sales Bundle will be subject to an additional $100 annual support fee for this package.

Includes support and upgrades for one year.  Ongoing support after 1st year is renewed at month 11 of the next year billed at the current rate for a dual system Office/Sales Bundle plus the current fee for additional Sales bundles.

Credit card processing hardware and account is separate.  Contact sales for information and submitting a merchant account.

Bitcoin Core can run as a pruned node or as a full node.  Your choice with plenty of space on the 2TB hard drive.

Android Sales Bundle shown below…

Front View of Android Sales Bundle
Front View of Android Sales Bundle
Rear View of Android Sales Bundle
Rear View of Android Sales Bundle
Side View of Android Sales Bundle
Side View of Android Sales Bundle

The PC Sales Bundle is available as well.  Instead of an Android machine, the computer is a miniPC with a 21″ monitor, a customer facing 8″ LCD,  and a point of sale hardware bundle that includes separate components of receipt printer, barcode scanner and cash drawer.

Back Office PC
Back Office PC – similar to PC Sales Bundle with beefier specs to run server services.

Currently we have a 3-6 week backlog for hardware deliveries.  Plan ahead.