Self-Sovereign Bitcoin Complete: Start9 Embassy/PC Office/PC Sales/Cashier Bundle


The Self-Sovereign PC bundle for office and retail cash stand.

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The Self-Sovereign PC Bundle is for the retail/gift/hard-goods business owner that wants ultimate control of their back-office and Bitcoin finances by featuring a Start9 Embassy to run Bitcoin Core and Lightning Network software to process on and off chain transactions.  Add a merchant account to process credit cards – and you can manage your entire business with this bundle.

This package includes one (1) cashier annual license of BTCRetailX Point of Sale retail management system and the triple system Self-Sovereign bundle that includes:

  • Office PC and 21″ Monitor – miniPC(i7-2.8/4.1ghz cpu, 16gb ram, 512gb ssd), 21″ LCD monitor.  This is an office system for back office administration of your BTCRetailX retail management system.  Add a label printer to print price tags (available below).
  • Sales PC and 21″ Monitor Bundle – miniPC(i7-2.8/4.1ghz cpu, 16gb ram, 512gb ssd), 21″ LCD monitor, 16″ cash drawer, receipt printer, and wired barcode scanner for processing cash stand sales using the BTCRetailX retail management system.
  • Start9 Embassy – the ultimate Bitcoin self-sovereign device to host a variety of Bitcoin tools including Bitcoin Core, LND, BTCPayServer, among others, that integrate with the BTCRetailX Point of Sale for Bitcoin payment processing.

Includes support and upgrades for one year of BTCRetailX.  The BTCRetailX subscription will auto-renew for subsequent years at current annual rates.
The Start9 Embassy is supported by the Start9 team for general setup of its functions.  The integration of the Bitcoin functions with the BTCRetailX software is supported by the BTCRetailX support staff.

Credit card processing hardware and merchant account is provided by our merchant partners.  Contact sales for information and submitting a merchant account.

Back Office PC
Back Office PC and 21″ Monitor
Sales PC and 21″ Monitor
Barcode scanner, 80mm receipt printer, 16″ cash drawer
Start9 Embassy device

Currently we have a 3 week shipping fulfillment for hardware deliveries.  Plan ahead.