Hosted Bitcoin/Lightning Node Monthly Subscription

$49.00 / month

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BTCRetailX provides a Bitcoin/Lightning node for your store use hosted on a VPS (vurtual private server) to run Bitcoin Core, Lightning Network Daemon, BTCPayServer and LNBits for use by your store’s BTCRetailX instance.

Bitcoin Core is run as a pruned node.  If you need a full node, please inquire with Sales.  A pruned node is completely acceptable (and standard) for managing a store’s sales on the Bitcoin network.  We run a pruned node to save space as the Bitcoin blockchain is currently 450GB in size.

BTCRetailX provides support for the life of the subscription with 4 hour turnaround Service Level Agreement available Monday thru Friday from 8am ET to 8pm ET.  Extended SLA is available, please inquire with Sales.