Alpaca RMS Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your purchase with Alpaca RMS. Our terms are straight-forward.

Payment via credit card is thru PayPal merchant services, as well as thru our partners CardConnect, Verifone, and Blockchyp.

Payment via Bitcoin/Lightning Payments is thru multiple options including LNBits, BTCPayServer, Ibex Mercado and BitPay. You may use any one of these options. We enable them all to show the flexibility of our Bitcoin Lightning payment options.

We do not store any anonymous user data. We do store user data (name, address, email, phone#, products purchased) if you purchase a product for support and internal marketing purposes. This data is not shared with a 3rd party unless you specifically share it within the app with providers such as Intuit.

Alpaca RMS Application and Web Service

The Alpaca RMS application (android and iOS apps as well as the web-accessible app) is a web service. Your data is stored on cloud servers. We proactively update prerequisite programs and underlying technologies on a regular basis and take site security very seriously. We employ 3rd party security scans to inform of security statuses and install updates weekly. Security is a joint exercise. You (and your team) need to enforce strong security practices. This includes the use of strong passwords, screen lockouts, and security features within Alpaca RMS.

The data you enter is owned wholly by you (the Subscriber). You may export the data and cancel your service at any time. Refunds are only given within the first 30 days of a subscription less a $250 cancellation fee. Upon cancellation, your access will terminate immediately. Your data will be erased 30 days after cancellation and will be impossible to recover.

You may reach out to with any questions or concerns.