End of Day Report

The End of Day process comprises of a drawer count and a report. There are two reports available – End of Day, and Z-out Report.

New End of Day Process and Reports
  • The End of Day report will includes sales numbers and cash drawer numbers pulled from the Drawer Count function for each or all cashiers.
  • The Z-out report includes sales numbers without a cash drawer count included. This is good for reviewing daily sales totals filtered by cashier and date range.

To start the end of day process, a cashier needs to click End of Day from the top of the screen and then select Drawer Count. Then count your drawer and enter that amount in Closed Cash. To the right of this field will be the systems calculation of Expected Cash Count. If you cash count is over or below this amount, the system will flag this in the following End of Day report. If you understand why your numbers are not in balance (over/short), then put an explanation in the Notes section and click submit. Otherwise, recount your drawer to find the difference.

When the Drawer Count page reloads after you counted the cash drawer, the count will show in the list. Click EOD to the far right of the list to load the End of Day report with the counts you just added. Review the report. In order to make any changes, click the back button and then edit the data you submitted prior. Once satisfied, run the report again.

At this time, you can print the report to add with your till.

You can run the Z-out report throughout the day to see a summary of your sales. This report can be set with date ranges such as for the last 7 days or last month.