BTC Retail X Point of Sale

A full service point of sale for retail, quick-serve and delivery. Manage sales, inventory and your customers from a browser based administrator; and sell from virtually any hardware platform (tablet, PC, handheld). BTC Retail X accepts many payment methods – the standard payment methods of cash, credit cards, PayPal – and Bitcoin/Lightning.

BTC Retail X is a cross-over between traditional point of sale systems & emerging tech digital payments – a concept lacking in the legacy point of sale systems on the market. We enable various payment methods because your customers are demanding to pay in new ways. We make the payment integration easy for you.

Do you have to accept Bitcoin to use the BTCRetailX software? No, all payment methods are enabled by you in the system configuration. We just made it easy to accept Bitcoin if you choose to do so. This is a traditional full feature point of sale with inventory control, strong reporting, and flexibility to use it as you see fit on practically any hardware device.

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  • BTCRetailX – a point of sale hosted on-site or cloud-based
    • Point of Sale with integrated payments
      • integrated Credit Card Processing via Card Connect (Apply here)
        • Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover chip-card, swipe, debit capable
    • Multiple lightning network liquidity and fiat conversion options
      • IBEXpay – a bitcoin lightning payments provider with instant USD conversion
      • BitPay – a bitcoin lightning payments provider with instant USD conversion
      • Open Node – a 3rd party hosted solution with ongoing transaction costs that are based on whether you transfer immediately (fees apply) or weekly (no fee) to a wallet; as well as the added function of exchanging crypto into fiat dollars (fees apply) and managed liquidity.
      • Self-hosted on your own Lightning node
  • QuickBooks Online and/or Free Accounting Software (Fall 2022)
  • ecommerce integration with woocommerce (Summer 2022)
BTCRetailX Sales Screen

The BTC Retail X point of sale allows for standard credit card processing and crypto payments seamlessly both on the web and in-store.

Ready to order? Order online or contact sales .

For crypto payments, we use a variety of integrations including:

  • LNBits – an API enabled solution for endless permissionless solution integrations for Bitcoin and Lightning Network payments with many extensions including ticket sales and donations.
  • BTCPayServer – a self-hosted solution with minimal ongoing costs compared to most solutions. Funds stay in Bitcoin with you controlling transfers to your wallet. Server stays on site and integrates a crypto payment button in your point of sale or accounting system. Other cryptocurrency is available for integration.
  • 3rd Party Providers – including IBEX Mercado, BitPay, OpenNode, Voltage, and
How Crypto Payments Work in BTCRetailX
BTC/LN QR Code Waiting on Payment
QRCode can be sent to customer viewable device at cash-stand
Receipt to be sent via email or printed on standard receipt printer


  • Sales register with transaction logging
  • Work-Orders for customers/jobs and deliveries/shipping & due dates
  • Priced in local currency and Bitcoin sats (optional)
  • Available on Tablet, PC and Handheld Android POS, and web subscription
    • Recommend a BTCRetailX hardware bundle (PC or Android system)
  • Responsive website to fit different screens – PC, Tablet, Mobile
  • Integrated Bitcoin on Lightning Network payments
    • BTCPayServer
    • LNBits
  • Integrated credit cards payments via Card Connect (Apply Here for an Account)
  • Sell Bitcoin via bitcoin/lightning vouchers and send remittances via email
  • Hardware is local but software and btc/lightning node is either:
    • a self-managed, self-custody bundle with on-site local hardware either on the:
      • Start9 Embassy (accessed via your existing computer via web browser)
      • Computer (laptop/desktop)
      • Tablet-based cash-stand all-in-one bundle (11.6″ tablet, customer 4″ LCD, receipt printer, cash drawer, bluetooth barcode scanner, mini router, credit card/debit device); and optional barcode printer.
      • Android Handheld POS with integrated receipt printer and credit card reader
    • a subscription-based, managed hosted server (VPS) with local hardware – we supply and manage BTCRetailX for you as well as a pruned bitcoin/lightning node (to manage your Bitcoin payments) over the internet and power a web-based point of sale on our Android tablet-based cash-stand bundle (tablet, stand, customer LCD, receipt printer, cash drawer, bluetooth barcode scanner, mini router, credit card/debit device); and optional barcode printer. You manage the system from a backoffice PC (inventory control, sales reports, printing barcodes, etc…).
  • Stock management (items and kits with an extensible list of attributes)
  • Multi-warehouse stock management (manage quantities across multiple sites (store, warehouse, storage).
  • VAT, GST, customer, and multi tiers taxation
  • Quotes and Invoicing
  • Margin and Markup % columns in Item List View and Receiving Item screen
    • Margin: ((Price/Cost)-1)*100
    • Markup: Price – Cost = NetProfit; (NetProfit/Price)*100
  • Expenses logging
  • Cash Drop (Cash Up) function
  • Printing and emailing of receipts, invoices and quotations
  • Barcode generation and printing
  • Database of customers and suppliers
  • Multi-user capable with permission enabled access to certain functions
  • Reporting on summary and detail sales, orders, expenses, inventory status, end of day, and more
  • Inventory Receiving
  • Gift cards/certificates
  • Customer Rewards
  • Restaurant tables, To-Go and Delivery settings for quick-serve food establishments and businesses that deliver product (building materials, mulch, food, more)
  • Messaging (SMS) to customers on order status (add-on thru Twilio, additional fees apply)
  • Multi-language capable (English and Spanish currently supported for bitcoin-related screens), others available but not supported for bitcoin-related screens yet. We can get it translated upon request.
  • Many themes available for browser view
  • Mailchimp integration (Send Grid on roadmap)
  • Optional Google reCAPTCHA to protect login page from brute force attacks
  • GDPR ready
  • Future functions: QuickBooks Online and Akaunting integration, integration for WooCommerce, and other shopping carts


BTCRetailX is available as a product to our clients in a bundle consisting of the software (BTCRetailX and various payment rails), hardware (S9-Embassy, Tablet and Stand, QRCode Viewer/customer LCD, Receipt Printer, Cash Drawer, BarCode Scanner, Network Router, Credit Card Debit/Pin/Chip/NFC Device), installation, configuration, training and support.

BTCRetailX is also offered as a bundled standalone linux-based management computer that is hosted locally on-site or via a secure VPS system along with the cash-stand all-in-one bundle.

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